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About Us

This business was founded in May of 2008 on morals and honesty;
our integrity helped us get started and continue to where we are today.
Anna Lisa Luna Construction, Inc. targets Government, Commercial, and Residential construction
and we have exceeded our goals and are well on our way to becoming
a leading competitive and well respected Woman Owned Small Business Enterprise.

Anna Lisa Luna Construction prides itself on
 the highest quality and degree of excellence in all the work we perform.

We believe that the growth of our company is based on our customer satisfaction
 and we are committed to continuous improvements help us to help our customers in the best ways possible.

Luna Construction clearly identifies our customers goals and ideas,
and then through foresight and planning we help to create a vision that we can turn into a reality while achieving the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

A safe job site makes for a productive and cost effective working environment,
 and here at Anna Lisa Luna Construction, Inc.
 we focus on the highest standards of safety for all our workers and all of the public.

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